Comic 136 - Chapter 1 Remake Page 14

4th Aug 2017, 3:25 PM in Early Bird Special REMAKE
Chapter 1 Remake Page 14
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midnightclubx 4th Aug 2017, 3:25 PM edit delete
And here's the last of the initial batch of pages from July! Karolyne's going to have Chapter 4 Page 14+ next week. : )

I've been busy writing as usual. Also finished Splatoon 2's single player not long ago, just in time for Splatfest tonight! Also, it's looking like I'll be on vacation in about 2-3 weeks, but I'll save the details for when it's all set and official. For now, I'm just hellbent on getting pages uploaded as soon as they are finished (in the case of TIAFOE) and writing for both comics. : P

Art (C) KarolyneRocha
The Rest (C) Someone who wasted too much time looking at Initial D meme videos on Youtube.
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Anonymous 10th Aug 2017, 9:52 PM edit delete reply
Quick question,
Are the new pages going to be uploaded on Friday now ?
Cant wait for the next page ;)
midnightclubx 11th Aug 2017, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
They've always been uploaded on Friday (I technically upload at 12AM EST, mainly so the thought of uploading the page doesn't swim around my head all night.) XD
Anonymous 11th Aug 2017, 5:59 AM edit delete reply
Thanks for the clarification. I'm PST so the pages typically are up Thursday night, so an EST never crossed my mind! I should be the one to stop over thinking all this...idk... :/
Hope you have a great time in Vegas :]
Fletcher Crane 8th Jul 2018, 3:58 PM edit delete reply
Gotta say, that's a weird watch face orientation.
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