Comic 149 - Chapter 1 Remake Page 19

18th Nov 2017, 9:39 PM in Early Bird Special REMAKE
Chapter 1 Remake Page 19
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Author Notes:

midnightclubx 18th Nov 2017, 9:39 PM edit delete
Sorry I was a little late on uploading this page; I've been distracted with some of my birthday presents (particularly with my SNES Classic), and I had to get up early for the follow-up appointment to see how well my wisdom sockets; gotta wait til next weekend to eat my usual teppanyaki birthday dinner, this year. D:

Things are coming up Milhouse on the TIAFOE front; I have people working on pages 28-30 as we speak, and I'm hoping to show them off in, due time! But for now, have some Simon schenanigans... Simonanigans(TM). Twisting words is his other trademark, besides his snark. :P

Art (C) KarolyneRocha
The Rest (C) Someone who will be perfectly content with never eating Turkish mastic candy again (it tastes like I'm chewing Pine-Sol X_X )...


Wolflily 20th Nov 2017, 2:27 PM edit delete reply
oh simon, why did you make Sam go out with her instead of yourself?
midnightclubx 23rd Nov 2017, 2:29 AM edit delete reply
Probably because he wanted to see Sam look awkward. XP
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