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Moonlit Brew is a full-color, manga-style graphic novel set in and around Seattle, Washington. It centers around Sam and Simon, two friends who were just writing their acceptance letters for college at a local coffee shop during summer break, when a barista named Lydia walks inside. Noticing Sam looking a bit lovestruck, Simon dares him to ask her out. Little do they know, that little dare would give them a lot more than they bargained for, especially under a full moon...

The trio will face obstacles, both natural and supernatural, all while the three pursue their dreams and run a coffee shop of their own! 



Q: When does the comic update?

A: We now update MB with two pages in one day! Patreon backers get access to the pages first on Mondays and will then be uploaded to the public on Fridays

Q: When did the comic start?

A: I started on the script in late-2008, but wasn't able to hire an artist to work with me until early-2013.

Q: How come you have one art style on the first 13 pages, then another for the rest of chapter 1, and then another from Chapter 2 onwards?

That obviously was not my intention; I would have preferred to stick to one artist, but for one reason or another, they couldn't stick around. Hopefully, with Mr. Villanueva, we will have a high-quality, consistent art style that will be around for years to come!

Q: Damn, son, your art looks so fly! I gots'ta give you all mah cred, dawg!

A: I'm not the one making the art! I may be the writer and creator of Sam, Lydia, Simon, and whatever happens to them, but I'm not the one making the pretty pictures. Please be sure to give credit to AtariBetch as well, because without his talents, this comic would have never been possible!

Q: What's the "Rating" for the comic? Is it safe for work?

A: I would consider this comic to be a PG-13 comic, since there's some mild language, blood, bits of partial nudity, all that kind of fun stuff; in the manga world, the Japanese and Weebs would consider this a "Seinen" comic.
As for whether this comic is safe for work, there's not gonna be any F-words or explicit nudity (unless we make some porn blog on Tumblr, but don't hold your breath... just yet, anyway), but I'm not sure you would wanna read this at work, per se. >>;

Q: Will it have a donation page soon? If so, why would I want to spend money on this comic?

A: That's the plan! We are going to make a Patreon when we feel we've got a decent-sized fanbase to justify one, but at the rate this comic is heading in terms of popularity, it might come sooner than you think!

Like most webcomics, a lot of time and money is spent on making sure this one is of excellent quality, and since this is a collaboration where a writer is wanting to make a webcomic (rather than an artist trying to convey a story, like most comics), the money would be split evenly. 

This would help out a lot on making payments to the artist while making sure both of us have financial breathing room whenever times get tough. Your donations would be greatly appreciated, and who knows? Maybe we will make some cool art stuff as our way of saying thanks! :)

Q: Why make a webcomic involving werewolves?

A: I've always found stuff involving the supernatural to be interesting; I find werewolves, among others, to be the most interesting because they are, in some ways, a fictional manifestation of one's secrets coming out, even when you don't want them to. They're normally depicted as being a tragic character that normally gets killed in the end, with most of the time being because they aren't "themselves". 

In short, I thought it would be a fun idea to have them be more akin to superheroes/villains who either want to use their abilities for the greater good, or abuse them to recruit others and claim they are an evolution of the human race, instead of them all being vicious killers out for blood or wanting to distance themselves from humanity. Or both.

Q: These aren't real werewolves! They're supposed to be and act X* Y* and Z*!!

A: Who said there was a "definitive rulebook" on how werewolves work? Much like vampire folklore (or any other tale that's normally meant to scare kids into reading their bibles or staying in school), the mythology is different by region, and not all tales necessarily depict them as villainous nor satanic; Thiess of Kaltenbrun, for example, depicted himself as a "Hound of God" who ventured with other werewolves into Hell and battled witches and devils to keep the crops of Livonia from withering away. 

TL;DR, While they are less common, there are werewolf folklore that depicts them as protagonists. Deal with it.



About The Author and Artist

Kameren Jones (AKA, the writer and creator of Moonlit Brew) hails from the exotic lands of the Inland Empire in sunny Southern California. Well, "exotic" if you've never been outside of the Los Angeles area, but that's besides the point.

When he's not writing about werewolf amateur-directors and Eurobeat-loving secret agents, he avidly plays video games (and waiting for someone to play IIDX or Pump It Up with him), occasionally watches MST3K on Youtube, prays for a new season of the Spice and Wolf anime every day, and follows the life and times of Christian Weston Chandler more than he should be. 


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