Chapter 4 Cover
19th Aug 2016, 6:03 PM in Crash Course
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Chapter 4 Cover
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Author Notes:
Aw yeuh, chapter 4 is officially in the hizzouse. :D

Just to let everyone know that I have the Line Webtoon and Tapastic pages up to date in terms of pages, so if you want to read the comic there for some reason, just head on over to these links:

Just a reminder that we will be (for the most part) be alternating back and forth with chapter 4 and the chapter 1 remake in terms of updates; We have a sketch of page 1 (of chapter 4) already up on Patreon for those who pledge $3 or more. We are also going to be doing a patrons-only cover vote next week, so make sure you get in on that when that drops. : )

Art (C) AtariBetch
The Rest (C) Someone who's glad he's not carrying two people at once and a camera/tripod.
User comments:
Anonymous (Guest)
Wow the poster looks absolutely amazing!
looking forward to the upcoming comics :D
Thanks! Glad you think it's absolutely amazing. : P
zz2000 (Guest)
Wheee, a fuzzy roller coaster! \(^_^)/

But seriously, that IS an amazing poster.
Interesting equipment for a werewolf to carry though. Is this related to the upcoming plot, or is it just drawing the characters in a fun but unrelated situation?
Thanks. :D

And it was shown in chapter 2 that Lydia was a filmmaker of sorts, but it will be a bit more apparent in this chapter. ;)
Melanie Van Luven (Guest)
Simon doesn't look like he wanted to jump off of roofs in a big city.

Just a WILD thought ōvó
They be Wild and Crazy Kids up in this join. (see what I did there?) ;)
BloodWolf (Guest)
He wolf form looks bigger than I was before. Not a bad change, more usual looking lycanthrope this way
What cha mean? : P
Hotstuff (Guest)
First things first, amazing cover, 10/10, the artistic angle and style you went with is something that belongs in a museum and I love it
That being said, don't rush pages, it's not worth it, cause sure, having two or three pages a week is sweet and all, but quality is better than quantity, stick to having one per week or even per fortnight, I'd rather take 3 brilliantly drawn pages a month than 3 half assed pages a week
Anyway, I'm gonna finish watching Jim Jefferies
Thanks for your time, keep up the good work
Well, it's gonna be a while before I can think about making more than 4 pages per month, anyway; I'd need plenty more people on Patreon. ^^;

Anyway, glad you like the cover. :D