Chapter 1 Remake Cover
8th Sep 2016, 9:07 PM in Early Bird Special REMAKE
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Chapter 1 Remake  Cover
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Author Notes:
This wasn't even a surprise, was it? XP
As you may have seen, cover A won by a landslide. NGL, I was personally hoping B would win, mainly because it would come full circle with where I started from, but that's okay! I can always use that cover for the Vol.1 book I keep mentioning (for those not in the know, it's mainly gonna be Chapter 1-3, and some exclusive art along with maybe some other goodies).

Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone have noticed or not, but we're in dire need of some new backers over at Patreon at the moment. If you want the full details of what's been going on, you can read about it over on this link:…

The tl;dr version of this link is that we have been down to $67 per month while I've been on vacation and Atari got married; this is not good, because we need $120 per month to break even with the 4 pages per month. This was obviously not what I wanted, nor do most of you (I've been hoping we would get some traction and eventually get to making 5-8 pages per month like I planned, but this obviously hasn't been the case, especially now). So, rather than give you guys lower-quality pages, I'd rather make the most of the money we've been given, and give you 2 pages for the month of October that are of the same quality that you all have come to expect since I hired the artist over a year ago. I can only hope that we get back on track soon; I have an idea that we could do (at the moment, I'm thinking about having Atari work on some fanservice of Sam and Simon to round out the Lydia one from a while ago, and to hopefully attract female {and some male} readers), but other than that, I'm currently at my wit's end with what else we can do. X_X

I'd really appreciate it if you fine people have suggestions on what we could do to spread word about the comic, and especially the Patreon, and possibly some ideas to "keep the fire burning".

Art (C) AtariBetch
The Rest (C) Someone who's already wanting another vacation. XD
User comments:
Wildestorm (Guest)
Is Lydia blushing? Also Sam, hurry up and go on your guys' second date!