Chapter 2 Cover
16th Jun 2015, 12:23 AM in The First Shift
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Chapter 2 Cover
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Author Notes:
And thus, we have a promising new start with the comic, and the best part? I'm not stuck repeating chapter 1 again!

As I've said, there will still be a page every week, and I also have a brand spankin' new Tumblr account (which you can take a gander right here: )

Simon now looks more like the original design while Lydia's werewolf form has recieved a bit of an update, though I'm only giving you this here shadow as a taste. ;)

Let's hop my awesome new artist is permanent this time, yeah?

Art (C) AtariBetch
User comments:
I'm hoping even though Lydia's werewolf manifestation got an updated look she acts like she did in the last chapter.
TheGamingGeneral (Guest)
Just yeah...
That's an awesome cover!