Chapter 2 Page 21
17th Oct 2015, 4:38 PM in The First Shift
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Chapter 2 Page 21
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Author Notes:
Ahahaha, get it? Cuz she's female, and people associate the fishy smell with... I'm just gonna shut up now and pretend I didn't say anything, despite the fact I'm sure some of you probably already thought of something like that earlier. Don't know? Wait til you're older. :I

Moving on, Atari and I apologize for the delay of this page and the upcoming page; he's been feeling under the weather, so he wasn't able to give me page 22 just yet; once I do get it, I'll post it on Patreon as soon as possible, and I'll upload it everywhere else on Tuesday or Wednesday at the absolute latest.

Art (C) AtariBetch
The Rest (C) Someone who's kinda surprised Simon didn't say anything dirty, given that Lydia gave him ammunition there.
User comments:
WildWolf42 (Guest)
I guess that he parents thought it was... fishy
WildWolf42 (Guest)
The Caruso-related puns aren't until a few pages later. XP
WildWolf42 (Guest)
no, they start now! (your welcome btw)
...You awful, awful person >< It's gonna take weeks for me to un-remember you suggesting such a thing! I'll just have to flush it out with unreal portions of Halo 5 ^^ Excellent page as always!
The internet produces far worse things on a near-daily basis. XP

Have fun with Halo 5! :D
...I see what you did there slick.

Cleveland's voice: "Oh that's nasty..."
Not as nasty as some people that fave my pages, and when I thank them for the fave(s), their gallery has nothing but IRL naked womens. XP
Melanie Van luven (Guest)
Hey! Decided to post a comment on this because why not? I would just like to say that yoir team has really improved on your art work from the first chapter
Thanks; I think it's a big improvement too! :D